We Have a New Driveway

My husband and I bought our house over 15 years ago. The one thing we did not like about it was the fact it did not have a driveway. We still had access to plenty of parking because most other houses on the street have their own driveways that they use, so we had plenty of on street parking available to us. We finally decided to contact a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to see just how much it would cost to put in a nice driveway for us.

We asked our neighbor who did his driveway, since he had just had it redone a few years ago. Continue reading We Have a New Driveway

Central Air Conditioning is a Must

I am moving down to big Texas from the north and I think that it is essential that I have an apartment with air conditioning. I live where there is some humidity and it is really tough to breathe without air in the middle of the summer. I wanted to look for New Simpsonville apartments so I could get an idea as to what the extras were going to cost me. As I started to look at different size apartments one thing was obvious, most of the new apartments all had central air and it was not much more to have it since they all seemed to come with it. Where I live now, it is not uncommon to see people have window air units. During the summer, it is very common to see people out on their ladders, getting their air units into their windows so that they could have a nice and cool home.

It could be hard to have to use window air units because an apartment has only a certain amount of windows and it could be an eye sore to have air units in every room. When you have limited amount of windows and you live up, off the ground level, it could be very difficult for you to look at big metal boxes in your windows for a good part of the year. I think I am going to miss the people the most. New England has a certain swagger to it, and it’s own culture. I am looking to gain a lot of Texas swagger, but I do not want to lose what I have grown up with. New beginnings always take courage to move forward, and I am slowly working on getting the courage to actually pack and get ready to start my new adventure, in the air conditioning.

I Need a New Place to Live

I can not really complain too much about Meredith, although I suppose that she was farther along in our relationship than I was. I got the feeling that things were going to go South after her older sister had a baby. It was not hard to see that she wanted one too and I just did not think I had the money to afford that. Of course you have to get married first. At any rate she and I had been sharing a really nice apartments in North Dallas TX and that is what I am going to have to find now. Continue reading I Need a New Place to Live

We Really Needed Help Once the Twins Came Along

We really got busy with the twins. I mean really busy. We had to keep our careers and household going. Plus, we had to go around and visit family a lot with the new babies. Then came the constant shopping for stuff. It was crazy how busy we got after the kids came along. And if you have kids, you know that sleep is compromised when a baby is involved. Now imagine two of them who are never on the same schedule for anything. Yes, we needed a part time helper in Singapore to help us with the housekeeping and some other little things.

This was what helped us keep our sanity. Continue reading We Really Needed Help Once the Twins Came Along

Our Children in Singapore and the Push for Academic Excellence

The education system seems to have evolved into a competition arena where our children are in a fight to get the highest grades possible. It seems to be a part of our culture to keep them at 100 percent academic performance and to have a spotless school record. Is it all for getting a better job, or is it for bragging rights of the parents? Our daughter brought to us some information about Singapore physics tuition when she thought her grade was going to drop in her physics class. She was worried and wanted to do something about it. Very admirable of her, but I also want her to enjoy childhood.

We picked a tutor that is very popular and can really capture the attention of the kids. Continue reading Our Children in Singapore and the Push for Academic Excellence

We Moved to Jackson Together

When my boyfriend told me he had to move to Jackson, I was both happy and sad. I was happy because I knew how much he wanted this job opportunity, but I was sad because I knew that long distance relationships are very hard to maintain. We were in love, and we trusted each other, but distance just has a way of becoming an enemy to a lot of relationships. I was looking at an apartment finder for Jackson MS to help him with his apartment search, but it was breaking my heart at the same time.

When I saw the apartments at Woodlands, I just knew that it would be perfect for him. He looked at the pictures and agreed that it looked really nice. He told me that it was only missing one thing, and that is when he got down on one knee. He didn’t even get the full question out of his mouth before I said yes. Continue reading We Moved to Jackson Together

She Lives About a Mile from Me

I was really excited when my sister told me she was coming home. To us, home has always been Wichita, even if we have not always lived here. It is where my three sisters and I were born and raised. Even when we were ready to move out, three of us stayed while our youngest sister went east. I have a two bedroom apartment because my roommate moved out, so I invited her to stay with me while she looked at apartments in Wichita Kansas. Even though I would have loved for her to stay with me for a while, she is just too much of a free spirit. Continue reading She Lives About a Mile from Me

A Brand New Apartment is the Thing You Want if You Cannot Stand the Thought of Previous Tenant Smells or Dirt

We come up from the Roanoke area to take jobs in DC. We still lived wanted to stay in Virginia as we looked for apartments for rent in Manassas Park VA instead of in DC. We wanted a place really close to the VRE that would make it easy to commute to work. We found the Palisades at Manassas Park apartments that are just a short walk from the train station. The big plus that beats them all is that this place is new. It is not renovated or just nice, it is a new apartment complex. Do you know how cool it is to get a new apartment that is actually brand new?

Hey, we have lived in places that were freshly painted with new carpets and we could still smell the previous tenants. We like places that are pet-friendly, but we are dog people and can smell cat smell really strong when one had lived there before. I remember a place we used to live where the previous tenant had a daughter who kept the litter box for her cat in a closet in her bedroom. The place was cleaned thoroughly, but we could still smell the cat. Continue reading A Brand New Apartment is the Thing You Want if You Cannot Stand the Thought of Previous Tenant Smells or Dirt

Relocating After a Tragic House Fire

Last weekend my house burned down due to an electrical problem. Thankfully, I wasn’t home at the time and was not hurt. But I am absolutely devastated at the loss of my home. After talking to the insurance company I was a little hopeful as they were going to help me pay for an apartment until I receive the insurance settlement. I started searching the internet and came across a website of an apartment community that really caught my eye. It was pet-friendly and looked like a very safe place to live.

I was astonished at all of the community amenities that were provided to the residents. I am very health conscious and was excited to see that it was within walking distance of the farmer’s market and that it also had an on site fitness center. I know I would spend a lot of time there working out. Continue reading Relocating After a Tragic House Fire

An Apartment That Feels Like Home to Me

I was looking at the Overlook at Crosstown Walk website because I had driven past it not too long ago. I liked how it appeared just from the street, plus I saw that they had some available apartments. I figured it could not hurt to look to see if I would be able to afford an apartment there. I also liked that I could click here and there on the website and see different aspects of living there. I was able to see floor plans, more about the neighborhood, the amenities in the different apartments, and the features that anyone who lives there can use.

I really liked everything I saw, including the price. Continue reading An Apartment That Feels Like Home to Me

Two Families Creating Memories in Colorado

My husband asked me if I would find a nice place in Colorado for a ski getaway. When I asked him if it was just for the four of us, which includes the two of us and our twin teen daughters, he asked how I would feel if our best friends and their four children tagged along. I thought it was a great idea. I knew we would need five bedrooms, and that is how I found myself looking at Beaver Creek luxury rentals with that many bedrooms. It did not take me long to find the perfect place with the Snowflake Penthouse. Continue reading Two Families Creating Memories in Colorado

I Helped This Girl Move

It was a favor that I was doing to this girl I knew, of course it was not a coincidence that she was both very attractive and very unattached. This is the website of the place she moved to. She had broken up with this guy after a couple of years, although it was the sort of thing everyone else had seen to be inevitable. At any rate she needed to get new apartment and she needed to move. I had a couple of things that made it obvious that she would ask me, a pick up truck and a trailer. When I got done I needed a chiropractor. Continue reading I Helped This Girl Move

This Nice Apartment Has Us Putting Home-Building Plans on Hold Indefinitely

We wanted to live a year in Charlotte to see if we liked the climate and the region before committing to building a home. My wife and I looked for some nice apartments in South Charlotte to rent. We were leaving behind the place where we grew up and were moving south. The plan was to live at the City Park View apartments for a year, buy a piece of property and then build us a nice home. However, we were so comfortable in our new place that after a few months, we left our legal pad with all of our house plans in a drawer and have not looked at it since.

We enjoy the big swimming pool and the barbecue areas. We enjoy the fact that City Park View apartments are pet-friendly. We like our neighbors and the look of the whole complex that is beautifully landscaped. Continue reading This Nice Apartment Has Us Putting Home-Building Plans on Hold Indefinitely

I Found a Pretty Nice Place

It is a great thing for me, at least in most of the substantive ways. The company told me that they needed me to fix a big problem. So they gave me a really nice big raise and sent me down to Texas. I spent a couple of days getting ready, searching for a place to live and leasing a car until the company gets around to fixing that. I have been looking at apartments in Lewisville TX since that is going to be really close to the office and I found some places I like. The best one is a luxury apartment complex and I really like the location and the amenities. Continue reading I Found a Pretty Nice Place

Getting Rid of Our Semi-Permanent Houseguest by Showing Him the Lodge

My cousin had been looking for an apartment for about six months. Why is that a big deal? He was living with us. That is why it was a big deal. Maybe not to him, but it was to my wife and I. He is a nice guy, but you know that old story about fish and visiting relatives and how they both start to stink after a few days. I was helping him look for apartments for rent in Temple Terrace FL when I happened to discover The Lodge. This place had my cousin’s personality written all over it.

He grew up in a city but likes the outdoors. He has never farmed or worked on a ranch, but he is into rock climbing, expeditions into the Everglades and a lot of other stuff I would not do. The Lodge is the perfect place for these urban-dwelling adventurers like my cousin. It is within walking distance of Lettuce Lake, and that is where he goes kayaking all the time. This was a place he just had to see. Continue reading Getting Rid of Our Semi-Permanent Houseguest by Showing Him the Lodge

This Move Has Been Really Good for Me

I had to decide what I wanted to do about six months ago. I had just been laid off, and there was not a single thing holding me to the town I had been living in. I moved there just because that is where my job took me, and I devoted the majority of my time there to work rather than establishing relationships. So, when the job ended, I was pretty much left alone. I decided instead of staying that I was going to see about apartments for rent in San Antonio TX.

That is where the majority of my family is, and I had enough money from my severance package to get along for a few months without having to settle for a job I did not like. That would give me time to move in, get used to the area, and take my time looking for a job that was not going to eat me up and chew me out like my last one. Continue reading This Move Has Been Really Good for Me