All Ready for the Terrible Heat

I spent a lot of time saving money for the HVAC repair for Brooklyn that was done to my system recently, but it’s really going to pay off when summer comes. I always dread summer every year because I just can’t stand the heat. I would rather sit in a frozen, cold home than one that is just sweltering in the heat. At least in the winter you can put on more clothes if you get too cold. In the summer, you have to take off everything, and sometimes that still isn’t enough. I also hate having to run my air conditioner for a long time because I don’t like paying extra for my energy bills.

Some people have window air conditioner units in their homes, but I don’t want to deal with one of those. I had one in the past, and while it did cool one of my rooms, the rest of the house was left with heat. On top of that, one day the water that drains from the air conditioner began collecting in the window where it was placed, and it began to leak into the room. I had to crack open the window and drain all of the water out before I could use the window unit again. It’s better to just use a central air system and avoid all of the hassle.

I feel as if this summer is going to be a long one. I’m not looking forward to it, but at least I have a way to keep myself cool because of my HVAC repair. My neighbor across the street thinks that air conditioning is a waste of money, and simply sits outside on the hot days in the shade. I have no idea how he can stand to do that, especially with the humid air.

How Do You Get Rid of Canada Geese?

This does not really bother me too much, but I do not have an 80 thousand dollar sports car like my boss does. Of course it is a convertible and he likes to leave the top down when the weather is nice. We have around two dozen Canada Geese who hang out in the parking lot all of the time. One of them did his business on the driver’s seat of this shiny red sports car. We have been trying to figure how do you get rid of Canada Geese? I guess you need bird control in NJ, or some company that can do that for you. We have tried a few things, mostly stuff that makes loud noises. It sends them scurrying away, but after some period of time they always come back to the parking lot. It does not seem to make that much sense to me. It is not like this is a place where you have a lot of fast food places and there is not an obvious source of food here. There is a pond close by. Continue reading How Do You Get Rid of Canada Geese?

Accepting the Status Quo of Thing

I’ve been working for my father who does basic contracting work for small to medium sized homes. We typically work on installing new bathrooms which means we buy a lot of shower doors in Essex County NJ. It’s not exactly the kind of work that I thought I would be doing now at 30 years old but I have come to appreciate it in some ways. I enjoy working with my hands but at the same time I’m not particularly thrilled about helping improve the bathrooms of clients. I’d rather be doing something else with my talent, if I even have any, but I’m admittedly at a loss as to what I could be doing instead. Continue reading Accepting the Status Quo of Thing

Optimizing the Hours in a Day

I have come to value the notion of budgeting time. I’m that kind of guy. The guy who budgets every facet of his life now; I once was just a miserly sort of dude who clung to his budget, his financial forecasts and pennies as if they were the only thing offering any meaning in life. Then I came across a theory which discusses the idea of budgeting time in order to optimize your financial situation in order to predict when you’ll retire. To this end, I started using a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ to shave off an hour or two out of my week. Continue reading Optimizing the Hours in a Day

I Just Got Back from the Beach

I had a really great time with Caroline, although I would have been just as happy if we had not gone with her sister’s family. I do not hate kids, but there are six of them and they seem to be really mad at anything that moves. While I was gone they had to find hydro jetting in Passaic county NJ. The guy I left in charge was really mad at me, apparently the smell of a backed up sewer really does nothing good for the attitude of the forty some people that work for this branch of the company’s operations. To be honest that does not surprise me. I am not responsible since I am just passing through, but the managers here have apparently done a very poor job of keeping relations up with the people that work in the shop. I have been trying to open up better communications, but they do not trust anyone who wears a tie down in the shop.

At any rate I was quite happy not to be there, the people I left behind were going to end up replacing me when I go where they send me the next go round. I had a really great time and they got to prove to me that they could handle a little emergency. Of course the whole thing set production on it’s head because you had all of the chaos going around. I did not even pretend that it was my problem, I did not read my emails or check my voice mails. When they called me on the phone I reminded them that they all wanted me to go away so that they could be in charge of things. Of course they seemed not to realize that I knew what they say behind my back. I may have been guessing of course

A Good Time Was Had by All

I was chosen to head up this year’s corporate party entertainment for our annual party. I do have a knack for picking things that are fun for our office group, so I was excited to see what I could do for the entire corporation. Normally, the things I choose are for our small group of around 20 people, but I was in charge of entertainment for all of the departments. That meant around 200 people along with all of their guests, so it would be upwards of 400 people in total.

I knew that my small office games would not suffice, so I went online to see if I could find something that would be more suitable for such a large crowd. Continue reading A Good Time Was Had by All

Making Use of Software when Trading Bitcoin

With all the attention on cryptocurrency in recent years, it is only natural to think about investing in this new currency and taking advantage of the market that can sharply grow your investment portfolio. The problem is that there can be vast fluctuations in this emerging market, even more than the traditional stock market. So it is necessary to make sure you have safeguards in place if you do decide to invest your money to be sure you are not one of the casualties of this volatile market. Using a bitcoin trader app that allows for trading not just bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies, is the best way to safeguard your investments. Utilizing a software of this variety is necessary if you decide to venture into cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are exciting investments. In large part this is because they have the potential to rapidly grow your portfolio in a very short amount of time, in a way that almost no other investment can because of the newness of the market. Continue reading Making Use of Software when Trading Bitcoin

I Learned How to Write Copy

Marketing is needed for any business. Without it, consumers will not know new products and new consumers cannot be targeted. I have paid good money in the past for various marketing campaigns, but I was never truly satisfied with them. Most were good, and a few were just an idea or two short of great. I decided to look into copywriting courses in Singapore to see if that was something I could swing into my schedule because I knew that I had ideas, but I did not have the knowledge on how to be a good copywriter.

I was able to find a course at Orita Sinclair that definitely fit my schedule. It was just four classes, and each one lasted for three hours. That might not seem like a lot of time to devote to something so important, but it was plenty. I was able to learn about the basics of brand awareness and identity, two things that are very important. I also learned how to make the copy fit around the targeted demographics I was trying to reach. Continue reading I Learned How to Write Copy

Social Media is More Fun Now

I used to casually use social media apps. I found myself bringing them up on my phone less often than usual though, and that was because of the content that was on them. I have a core group of friends on there that have the same values that I do, but I was seeing posts and pictures by people other than just my friends. I chose to just stop going on, but I did miss that connection with friends and family. I decided to talk to a company that does mobile app development because I knew that there had to be a way to have a social media presence without comprising values. Continue reading Social Media is More Fun Now

Getting Fit at the Condo

I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I wanted to cut back on some of the foods that aren’t healthy for me and eat more of the ones that are beneficial. I also wanted to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, but before I wasn’t doing it at all. Every day after getting back to Sloane Residences from my work place, I made a pledge to walk for an hour. The first day was pretty tiring because of my lack of exercise, but as I walked more, it became easier.

The change in my diet was a bit harder than getting more exercise, because eating those unhealthy foods are so tempting. I’ve gotten cravings for those foods at odd hours of the night, and given into them many times before. I eliminated them from my condo and replaced them with fruits and vegetables. I sometimes put them in the freezer for a cool treat. Continue reading Getting Fit at the Condo

We Really Needed Help Once the Twins Came Along

We really got busy with the twins. I mean really busy. We had to keep our careers and household going. Plus, we had to go around and visit family a lot with the new babies. Then came the constant shopping for stuff. It was crazy how busy we got after the kids came along. And if you have kids, you know that sleep is compromised when a baby is involved. Now imagine two of them who are never on the same schedule for anything. Yes, we needed a part time helper in Singapore to help us with the housekeeping and some other little things.

This was what helped us keep our sanity. Continue reading We Really Needed Help Once the Twins Came Along

Our Children in Singapore and the Push for Academic Excellence

The education system seems to have evolved into a competition arena where our children are in a fight to get the highest grades possible. It seems to be a part of our culture to keep them at 100 percent academic performance and to have a spotless school record. Is it all for getting a better job, or is it for bragging rights of the parents? Our daughter brought to us some information about Singapore physics tuition when she thought her grade was going to drop in her physics class. She was worried and wanted to do something about it. Very admirable of her, but I also want her to enjoy childhood.

We picked a tutor that is very popular and can really capture the attention of the kids. Continue reading Our Children in Singapore and the Push for Academic Excellence

We Have a New Driveway

My husband and I bought our house over 15 years ago. The one thing we did not like about it was the fact it did not have a driveway. We still had access to plenty of parking because most other houses on the street have their own driveways that they use, so we had plenty of on street parking available to us. We finally decided to contact a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to see just how much it would cost to put in a nice driveway for us.

We asked our neighbor who did his driveway, since he had just had it redone a few years ago. Continue reading We Have a New Driveway

We Moved to Jackson Together

When my boyfriend told me he had to move to Jackson, I was both happy and sad. I was happy because I knew how much he wanted this job opportunity, but I was sad because I knew that long distance relationships are very hard to maintain. We were in love, and we trusted each other, but distance just has a way of becoming an enemy to a lot of relationships. I was looking at an apartment finder for Jackson MS to help him with his apartment search, but it was breaking my heart at the same time.

When I saw the apartments at Woodlands, I just knew that it would be perfect for him. He looked at the pictures and agreed that it looked really nice. He told me that it was only missing one thing, and that is when he got down on one knee. He didn’t even get the full question out of his mouth before I said yes. Continue reading We Moved to Jackson Together

She Lives About a Mile from Me

I was really excited when my sister told me she was coming home. To us, home has always been Wichita, even if we have not always lived here. It is where my three sisters and I were born and raised. Even when we were ready to move out, three of us stayed while our youngest sister went east. I have a two bedroom apartment because my roommate moved out, so I invited her to stay with me while she looked at apartments in Wichita Kansas. Even though I would have loved for her to stay with me for a while, she is just too much of a free spirit. Continue reading She Lives About a Mile from Me