We Really Needed Help Once the Twins Came Along

We really got busy with the twins. I mean really busy. We had to keep our careers and household going. Plus, we had to go around and visit family a lot with the new babies. Then came the constant shopping for stuff. It was crazy how busy we got after the kids came along. And if you have kids, you know that sleep is compromised when a baby is involved. Now imagine two of them who are never on the same schedule for anything. Yes, we needed a part time helper in Singapore to help us with the housekeeping and some other little things.

This was what helped us keep our sanity. We would never trade having the kids for anything, but it sure keeps you hopping physically and emotionally. There are doctor visits for checkups, visits to photographers for photographs (they grow so fast), showing them off to friends, and letting family bond with them too. We were overwhelmed that we were responsible for everything for two newly born human beings. Such amazing as well as tiring things we were experiencing as husband and wife who are now also Mom and Dad.

The part time helper in Singapore really helps us a lot. The help takes some of the pressure off of us. We actually get a few minutes to relax now and again. It is not a matter of affording it. It is one of the necessities in our life. The only other way would be for one of us to quit working, and that is not a financial option for us with our retirement and college plans. We need to produce at work while we are young, and we have a plan for furthering our careers that do not include a pause in our work. Getting the part time helper in Singapore helps us stay on track with our dreams and plans.