We Have a New Driveway

My husband and I bought our house over 15 years ago. The one thing we did not like about it was the fact it did not have a driveway. We still had access to plenty of parking because most other houses on the street have their own driveways that they use, so we had plenty of on street parking available to us. We finally decided to contact a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY to see just how much it would cost to put in a nice driveway for us.

We asked our neighbor who did his driveway, since he had just had it redone a few years ago. He gave us the information, and we called to see if someone could come out and give us a quote. One of the contractors came out just a few days later and was able to determine an estimate for us, which was lower than we had been expecting. We thought that it would cost a lot more, which was the reason why we had not went ahead and had this done years ago. That taught us a lesson right there to stop putting things off because of invisible obstacles!

Anyway, we decided to have the work done, and we are both so happy with how the driveway looks. It feels incredible to pull into the driveway now instead of parking on the street and lugging stuff up the sidewalk to the house. He even put in a sidewalk that leads from the driveway to the porch, so we don’t have to walk through the grass to get to the front door. The design is gorgeous, and it was put in a lot faster than we expected it would be. I cannot wait for them to come back and give us an estimate on a patio that I have been wanting now!