This Nice Apartment Has Us Putting Home-Building Plans on Hold Indefinitely

We wanted to live a year in Charlotte to see if we liked the climate and the region before committing to building a home. My wife and I looked for some nice apartments in South Charlotte to rent. We were leaving behind the place where we grew up and were moving south. The plan was to live at the City Park View apartments for a year, buy a piece of property and then build us a nice home. However, we were so comfortable in our new place that after a few months, we left our legal pad with all of our house plans in a drawer and have not looked at it since.

We enjoy the big swimming pool and the barbecue areas. We enjoy the fact that City Park View apartments are pet-friendly. We like our neighbors and the look of the whole complex that is beautifully landscaped. There is an executive business center on site that we use all the time telecommuting, the place has storage for our larger items and there is a really nice clubhouse for residents. We thought we would like a house in the suburbs, but the floorplan and amenities here became our home very fast.

The apartments are not bland at all. We have color and a layout that is modern with all contemporary design features we would have incorporated into the home we were planning to build. The kitchen cabinets are beautiful down to the door and drawer pulls. The place is just good looking from the moment you drive onto the property. This is what we pictured in our heads for the ideal community to look like. I don’t know if we will ever go ahead and build that home as long as City Park View stays the way it is now.