This Move Has Been Really Good for Me

I had to decide what I wanted to do about six months ago. I had just been laid off, and there was not a single thing holding me to the town I had been living in. I moved there just because that is where my job took me, and I devoted the majority of my time there to work rather than establishing relationships. So, when the job ended, I was pretty much left alone. I decided instead of staying that I was going to see about apartments for rent in San Antonio TX.

That is where the majority of my family is, and I had enough money from my severance package to get along for a few months without having to settle for a job I did not like. That would give me time to move in, get used to the area, and take my time looking for a job that was not going to eat me up and chew me out like my last one. I told my sister about my plan, and she told me that there were some vacancies in her complex. She seemed to really like it a lot, so I went to the website of the complex to find out more information.

She had only been living there for a year, but she said the people were super friendly. The apartments are really nice too, which I could see by the pictures on the website. I decided that it was good enough for me, mainly because of all that was offered to the people who live there. I just had to figure out which apartment to get, and I ended up with the two bedroom unit with one bath. I use the second room as my crafts room, which is something I love spending more time on now. This move has been really good for me!