The Reason I Switched to Satellite TV

To say I was unhappy with my cable company would be an understatement. I was having problems with my equipment which they own. They kept walking me through troubleshooting techniques, but nothing was working. They scheduled a tech to come look at it, but not for a week from the time I called them. I told them to just come and pick their equipment up, and I went online to look for an alternative. That is how I found, which is a website that explained anything and everything about DirecTV to me.

Naturally, I had heard of DirecTV before, but I had never had their services. Because of that, I did not know that they had so many things that are better than what cable offers. First off, the prices are much lower than what I was paying for my cable. Also, the customer service has been rated as the best for many years in a row. Those two things are very important to me, but all of the other features are really nice too. I can record six different programs at once, instead of just two. This will come in handy since there are five of us using this service, and we all have such different tastes.

I really liked everything I had read, so I called to place an order to have it installed. I thought that I would have my cable out before they would install it, but they actually told me I could have it within days. The installation was free along with the equipment, and I had no reason to say no. Everything pointed that this was definitely the right decision to make. After having it for just a few days, there was no doubt in my mind. I will never go back to cable now.