Sometimes You Can Negotiate It Down

When I was looking for Jacksonville apartments there just were not that many options. Most of the good ones were either full or charging way too much for rent. Then I stumbled upon Hermon Walk apartments and they pretty much changed the game for me. After I took a tour I did not really want to go anywhere else. I had found the place that I wanted to live, now I just needed to negotiate the price and that was a long and tedious process to say the least. First and foremost I want to say that their original price was not absurd for what their complex offered, but the truth of the matter was that I just could not afford it. I reasoned with them and tried my very hardest to get them to drop the price and they eventually did ot something a bit more in my range. It still wasn’t perfect but I took it.

What I did was try and tell them that they had several empty apartments and that leaving them empty would not make anyone any money. They seemeed to take to this idea, so I elaborated on it a little bit further and explained how there was noone lining up to stay here, at least I hoped not, and that they were just letting free money go to waste. I told them that if the place was full after my one year lease expired, they could get rid of me in favor of a more expensive client. They decided that this sounded incredibly fair and went ahead and rented me the apartment at almost the rate that I wanted. This was really great for me as I just wasn’t going to be able to afford full price. So now I get to live where I want at the price that I want.