Social Media is More Fun Now

I used to casually use social media apps. I found myself bringing them up on my phone less often than usual though, and that was because of the content that was on them. I have a core group of friends on there that have the same values that I do, but I was seeing posts and pictures by people other than just my friends. I chose to just stop going on, but I did miss that connection with friends and family. I decided to talk to a company that does mobile app development because I knew that there had to be a way to have a social media presence without comprising values.

I am so glad I did this because it has turned out to be something that so many other people want too. I was talking to my pastor about it, and he said that the younger members of our church could really enjoy it too. I never thought about it from their point of view, and I realized that this was something that anyone with strong values and morals could use. I talked to the development team and explained that we wanted it to mimic social media platforms that are out there already.

I knew that we could not exactly copy what was on them, but I did like the premise where we could share comments, posts and pictures, and not have to worry about adult comments or humor getting through. This was not because it was only open to people wanting G-rated material but because of the filters that are in place just in case people try to pull pranks with it. My pastor backed me on it, and we had the app ready to use really fast. Everyone who has used it has said how much more enjoyable their social media time is now!