Optimizing the Hours in a Day

I have come to value the notion of budgeting time. I’m that kind of guy. The guy who budgets every facet of his life now; I once was just a miserly sort of dude who clung to his budget, his financial forecasts and pennies as if they were the only thing offering any meaning in life. Then I came across a theory which discusses the idea of budgeting time in order to optimize your financial situation in order to predict when you’ll retire. To this end, I started using a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ to shave off an hour or two out of my week.

It might not seem like much but I’ve reached a conclusion; I can do more work, and subsequently make more money, even when I am paying others to handle smaller tasks that are negligible at best and don’t require me to do them in order for them to get accomplished. Once I became aware of how much more money I would be able to make in a year with this tactic alone I hired a woman to clean my house every week – another handful of hours no longer having spent on superficial details like cleanliness.

The next step is going to be getting rid of driving myself back and forth to work entirely. I’m either going to start utilizing public transportation or go the distance and hire a driver. I believe I’ll be able to accomplish some tasks during the commutes to and from work which in turn should optimize my work flow. It’s just an experiment but already with the number of hours being set free during the day, I am finding myself less stressed when taking on work. I might even have to hire someone to do my cooking for me!