Looking for a Place to Keep a Boat

I already have a new apartment, at a place called knoxville pointe. It is about what I need, especially in that it is within a very short distance of my new job. I do not know if you have ever been to this city in East TN, but I can tell you straight up that the traffic here can be just god awful. Of course the entire place sprawls along Interstate 40 for a good long distance. It can be really awful and I know this, so I had to find a place that was relatively close to the office. I was not going to end up spending forty five minutes or an hour stuck in traffic if I could avoid it. Instead I would have liked to have found the sort of place where you could basically walk to work if you had the time. I am not that close, but in ideal conditions I could go from my front door to my office desk in about ten minutes. I am guessing that it might be twice that on a bad day.

Right now I am looking for a place where I can tie up a deck boat. They have some pretty serious fishing on Lake Norris, which is a huge TVA reservoir very near to the city. I think it is on the Clinch River and it stretches for a very long time. I have a friend here who loves to fish for walleye and those are great, especially if you want to eat the fish you catch. They also have a pretty good population of striped bass, some of them are bigger than a grown man in fact. I do not know what the record is for a striped bass in that lake, but it is really big.