I Wanted to Protect My Family

When my wife and I decided to get a home security system, we were not sure which one we wanted. There are so many companies out there, it seems. For someone who has never felt the need to have a security system, it can get quite confusing on which one to choose. I looked at the different spencer security companies and after my careful research, it was a lot easier to make my decision. I really liked everything that I had read about ADT, especially after seeing that they have been rated as the number one home security provider in America.

Seeing that they have millions of satisfied customers helped with my decision too. Everything I saw was great. The actual system was top of the line, and I had my choice on how much protection I wanted. Some people opt to just have their doors or ground level windows connected with alarms, but I wanted to have every window as well as the doors on the back porch connected to the system. I was able to have everything installed for one low price since I am going with their monitoring services as well.

When we go to sleep at night now, our entire family feels very safe. The part that I like best is that it protects us from danger that can come from within too. While it is nice knowing that anyone with ill intent knows from the sign in the front yard that we have round the clock monitoring services, it is reassuring to know that this security system will catch any problems inside too. We don’t have to worry about smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors being faulty since this system has those integrated into it as well. Technology can be scary at times, but it can also be lifesaving at times too!