I Need a New Place to Live

I can not really complain too much about Meredith, although I suppose that she was farther along in our relationship than I was. I got the feeling that things were going to go South after her older sister had a baby. It was not hard to see that she wanted one too and I just did not think I had the money to afford that. Of course you have to get married first. At any rate she and I had been sharing a really nice apartments in North Dallas TX and that is what I am going to have to find now. The end was pretty dramatic, but of course I knew what was coming and it did not surprise me even a little bit. She blew her top on me, but in truth it seemed pretty manufactured if you asked me for my honest opinion. Like I said she was looking for the reason to dump me and this was it, although I do not actually remember exactly why it is that she tossed me out.

I spent the last two nights sleeping on the couch of this guy I knew at school. It is not like I knew him very well, but he lives right down the street and so I did not have to go that far. I am going to try to find a roommate before I get a new place. Meredith and I were sharing the rent on the place that we had and that is a big deal. It is going to save you a lot of money, not half of what a place of your own would cost. It is more like three fifths as much. That obviously is a pretty big deal to me, like money in my pocket for other stuff that I want to do.