I Helped This Girl Move

It was a favor that I was doing to this girl I knew, of course it was not a coincidence that she was both very attractive and very unattached. This is the website of the place she moved to. She had broken up with this guy after a couple of years, although it was the sort of thing everyone else had seen to be inevitable. At any rate she needed to get new apartment and she needed to move. I had a couple of things that made it obvious that she would ask me, a pick up truck and a trailer. When I got done I needed a chiropractor. It was not like I really knew that she was going to move into the third floor of the building, or that the guy she got to help me would just suddenly let go of the sleeper sofa that we were carrying up the stairs. In retrospect I suppose that it is fortunate that I did not go over the rail at the bottom the third set of stairs.

That sleeper sofa was really heavy, like most of those things are. Of course they all have mechanisms in them so that you can fold out a bed, so it is like a sofa with a bed and bed frame in it. When that other guy let loose of it the thing came down on me and by that time I was worn out from the first two flights of stairs. In fact he had apparently tripped over a stair, but that did not matter much to me. I suppose that the residents heard me cursing for a long distance right after. I knew that I was hurt, but I knew that there was not too much that a doctor would be able to do about it and so I started to look for a chiropractor.