I Found a Pretty Nice Place

It is a great thing for me, at least in most of the substantive ways. The company told me that they needed me to fix a big problem. So they gave me a really nice big raise and sent me down to Texas. I spent a couple of days getting ready, searching for a place to live and leasing a car until the company gets around to fixing that. I have been looking at apartments in Lewisville TX since that is going to be really close to the office and I found some places I like. The best one is a luxury apartment complex and I really like the location and the amenities. In particular they have two swimming pools and a really nice fitness center. I usually get up early and work out before I go to work, around here that is a really good idea. That is the only time of the day when the heat is not unbearable.

That was the thing that I did not like about this, although I did not think too much about it until I stepped out of the airplane. I think this was the day they were saying it was too hot for airplanes to fly in Phoenix. In Dallas it was really hot too, way over a hundred degrees. One of the women looked like she was going to fall down and a man beside her grabbed her. Of course that is a big shock to the system when you get out of an air conditioned room ( or a plane in this case) and step out into a really hot summer day. That happens all of the time, but the difference is not nearly so dramatic as it is in this case. It was literally forty degrees hotter out of doors.