How Do You Get Rid of Canada Geese?

This does not really bother me too much, but I do not have an 80 thousand dollar sports car like my boss does. Of course it is a convertible and he likes to leave the top down when the weather is nice. We have around two dozen Canada Geese who hang out in the parking lot all of the time. One of them did his business on the driver’s seat of this shiny red sports car. We have been trying to figure how do you get rid of Canada Geese? I guess you need bird control in NJ, or some company that can do that for you. We have tried a few things, mostly stuff that makes loud noises. It sends them scurrying away, but after some period of time they always come back to the parking lot. It does not seem to make that much sense to me. It is not like this is a place where you have a lot of fast food places and there is not an obvious source of food here. There is a pond close by. It is for drainage and the geese seem to like it down there. Of course if they stayed down there, that would be fine with us. We just do not want them pooping on the cars. They seem to be really good at that, apparently it has something to do with the way that they keep their weight down for flight. Obviously there is not any way a bird could fly well if it had a lot of excess weight. So they do whatever they have to do to keep their weight as low as it can be. So every time they take off they to fly they drop off every little bit that they do not need, some times on the boss’ shiny car.