Getting Rid of Our Semi-Permanent Houseguest by Showing Him the Lodge

My cousin had been looking for an apartment for about six months. Why is that a big deal? He was living with us. That is why it was a big deal. Maybe not to him, but it was to my wife and I. He is a nice guy, but you know that old story about fish and visiting relatives and how they both start to stink after a few days. I was helping him look for apartments for rent in Temple Terrace FL when I happened to discover The Lodge. This place had my cousin’s personality written all over it.

He grew up in a city but likes the outdoors. He has never farmed or worked on a ranch, but he is into rock climbing, expeditions into the Everglades and a lot of other stuff I would not do. The Lodge is the perfect place for these urban-dwelling adventurers like my cousin. It is within walking distance of Lettuce Lake, and that is where he goes kayaking all the time. This was a place he just had to see.

My wife and I took him out to see The Lodge, and the first place he went into was the fitness facility. He had a big smile on his face and asked the tour guide where he had to sign on the lease. She was talking about a credit check and deposit and he was like, whatever, just show me where to sign. We did talk him into actually looking at the apartment. A one-bedroom place that is just perfect. Trendy and rustic at the same time. Very nice. My wife and I would not mind living there at all. They even have boat storage, so we could get his fishing boat and trailer out of our driveway so we did not have to park our minivan on the street any longer.