Getting Prepared for My Move to Houston

I have been working to get everything ready for my big move to the suburbs North of Houston. That is really a massive population center and a vast geographical area as well. I was looking for a place with a low cost of living where I will not have some commuter odyssey every morning and every afternoon when I had to go work. I have discovered that you get to choose which electric provider you want to use if you use, at least up to a point. I went to this web page at and did a little research on the matter. It is not that difficult for me to figure out the basic framework of the Texas energy laws, but I am not sure exactly how you are going to be able to benefit from the law. It does not seem obvious that there is going to be easy to see what is better. I got to think about how you pick an energy provider. Of course the rate is going to be a big deal, but from what I can tell they are rather similar among the choices available to me in the residence I have chosen. I found a place which should be about a 15 minute drive to my job, if you assume that you do not have unforeseen circumstances like a wreck or a freak storm that causes delays. I obviously would like to pay as little to live there as I can manage, but there were other factors. For example I wanted to make certain that I was not moving into a free fire zone. There are gang issues in Houston, although much more in the urban center areas than in the suburbs where this place is located. You do not want crazy neighbors either.