I Just Got Back from the Beach

I had a really great time with Caroline, although I would have been just as happy if we had not gone with her sister’s family. I do not hate kids, but there are six of them and they seem to be really mad at anything that moves. While I was gone they had to find hydro jetting in Passaic county NJ. The guy I left in charge was really mad at me, apparently the smell of a backed up sewer really does nothing good for the attitude of the forty some people that work for this branch of the company’s operations. To be honest that does not surprise me. I am not responsible since I am just passing through, but the managers here have apparently done a very poor job of keeping relations up with the people that work in the shop. I have been trying to open up better communications, but they do not trust anyone who wears a tie down in the shop.

At any rate I was quite happy not to be there, the people I left behind were going to end up replacing me when I go where they send me the next go round. I had a really great time and they got to prove to me that they could handle a little emergency. Of course the whole thing set production on it’s head because you had all of the chaos going around. I did not even pretend that it was my problem, I did not read my emails or check my voice mails. When they called me on the phone I reminded them that they all wanted me to go away so that they could be in charge of things. Of course they seemed not to realize that I knew what they say behind my back. I may have been guessing of course