Social Media is More Fun Now

I used to casually use social media apps. I found myself bringing them up on my phone less often than usual though, and that was because of the content that was on them. I have a core group of friends on there that have the same values that I do, but I was seeing posts and pictures by people other than just my friends. I chose to just stop going on, but I did miss that connection with friends and family. I decided to talk to a company that does mobile app development because I knew that there had to be a way to have a social media presence without comprising values. Continue reading Social Media is More Fun Now

Optimizing the Hours in a Day

I have come to value the notion of budgeting time. I’m that kind of guy. The guy who budgets every facet of his life now; I once was just a miserly sort of dude who clung to his budget, his financial forecasts and pennies as if they were the only thing offering any meaning in life. Then I came across a theory which discusses the idea of budgeting time in order to optimize your financial situation in order to predict when you’ll retire. To this end, I started using a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ to shave off an hour or two out of my week. Continue reading Optimizing the Hours in a Day