Are You Going to Buy into 3D?

It’s the new great debate when it comes to purchasing a television, 3D or HD? Both types of televisions have completely changed how we watch our favorite sporting events, shows, and more, but what factors make one better than the other? The HDTV has been out a bit longer than 3D, but thanks to some big 3D box office hits, the 3D TV is offering up some pretty great features. Even Satellite TV in Pennsylvania is prepared to deliver HD 3D right to our homes! While the two may seem to have enough differences to make your buying choice simpler, that really is not the case. You might choose to make your purchase based on just one factor like technical features or price, but there are other aspects like viewing ease and social determinants that you should consider as well.

HDTVs are designed to give you much better picture quality than that of regular digital television. The technology is innovative and cutting edge so the picture that you see on your television looks to be amazingly real and can provide a larger range of colors in the spectrum. Currently HDTVs can only show you about a quarter of the colors that can actually be seen with the human eye, but the cost effectiveness of going HD is significant. You can also see the screen from all points in a room with no need for glasses.

Ultimately your decision to go for HD or 3D when purchasing your new television is up to you. Just know too that with a 3D you can still watch standard HD, but you do have to pay more for this function. Like many large purchases in life, your choice will probably come down to price point. On one hand you get the less expensive HDTV with all types of programming available but no 3D ability, and on the other hand you can get a 3DTV with HD capability. The choice is yours.