An Apartment That Feels Like Home to Me

I was looking at the Overlook at Crosstown Walk website because I had driven past it not too long ago. I liked how it appeared just from the street, plus I saw that they had some available apartments. I figured it could not hurt to look to see if I would be able to afford an apartment there. I also liked that I could click here and there on the website and see different aspects of living there. I was able to see floor plans, more about the neighborhood, the amenities in the different apartments, and the features that anyone who lives there can use.

I really liked everything I saw, including the price. I was tired of living in the small apartment that had been mine for nearly three years, mainly because the area was just not good. That is the main reason why Overlook appealed to me, because of the neighborhood that it is in. Granted, it does cost more to live there, but comparing my old apartment with the one I have now is like comparing a brand new car to a rusty old bicycle. There really is that much difference between the two!

I love living here, and I definitely feel a lot safer. The people who live here seem to be different too. Where I was living before, there were people who didn’t even work. Here, it seems like everyone has a purpose, and they are actually enjoying it too. I finally feel like I belong where I live, and that feeling just cannot have a price tag put on it. That I am able to go swimming in a nice pool and work out at the fitness center is huge too. I don’t think I will be moving from here for a very long time to come!