A Good Time Was Had by All

I was chosen to head up this year’s corporate party entertainment for our annual party. I do have a knack for picking things that are fun for our office group, so I was excited to see what I could do for the entire corporation. Normally, the things I choose are for our small group of around 20 people, but I was in charge of entertainment for all of the departments. That meant around 200 people along with all of their guests, so it would be upwards of 400 people in total.

I knew that my small office games would not suffice, so I went online to see if I could find something that would be more suitable for such a large crowd. The main problem is finding something that every guest will like, which is why I felt like I had struck gold when I found a company that offers dozens of different entertainment options. The best part is that I was able to mix and match because the prices are very reasonable. I knew that I definitely wanted to have music, but I also wanted to have something different yet entertaining too.

I was able to choose two different bands that would play at different times. The first one catered to the older crowd, playing old time favorites. The second one played more modern music, and it was actually surprising to see that the older folks enjoyed that just as much as the younger ones enjoyed the first couple of hours of music. We also had magicians circulating and performing neat tricks at all of the tables, so it was definitely a good time for everyone who was there. I even suggested to my boss that we use this same company for our Christmas party, and I am really looking forward to putting that one together.