A Brand New Apartment is the Thing You Want if You Cannot Stand the Thought of Previous Tenant Smells or Dirt

We come up from the Roanoke area to take jobs in DC. We still lived wanted to stay in Virginia as we looked for apartments for rent in Manassas Park VA instead of in DC. We wanted a place really close to the VRE that would make it easy to commute to work. We found the Palisades at Manassas Park apartments that are just a short walk from the train station. The big plus that beats them all is that this place is new. It is not renovated or just nice, it is a new apartment complex. Do you know how cool it is to get a new apartment that is actually brand new?

Hey, we have lived in places that were freshly painted with new carpets and we could still smell the previous tenants. We like places that are pet-friendly, but we are dog people and can smell cat smell really strong when one had lived there before. I remember a place we used to live where the previous tenant had a daughter who kept the litter box for her cat in a closet in her bedroom. The place was cleaned thoroughly, but we could still smell the cat. This is why it is an extreme privilege to be moving into a new apartment complex as the first tenant in our apartment. It is a rare find to get into a brand new apartment in a brand new apartment complex.

Our apartment is great with its hardwood look floor and new kitchen with all new appliances. We also have a fireplace. The swimming pool is one like you would find at a resort where you would pay for an expensive vacation. It has loungers on each side on a ledge where the water is about a foot deep. Great for relaxing when you want to be in the water but not swimming or out where the others are playing and splashing around.